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Chapter 18, Man, I Feel Like a Woman

Chapter 18
Man, I Feel Like a Woman

~Logan's POV~

So much had happened over the last few months...

Baby #13 Blake became an adult, a fine young man, the spitting image of me.
June had gone off to boarding school, it was a rough decision to make, but she was getting the help she needed.
We talked frequently on the phone and I received progress reports often.

Baby #15 Mia became a stunning teenager, the spitting image of her mother.
She was still obsessed with cats, and kept Willard at her side.

Mia's twin brother Chance, baby #16 became a handsome teen, the spitting image of myself, as most of my sons are.

Baby #17 Iris Fey was a spunky active child now. She also looked just like me, aside from her sunshine yellow skin. She entered gymnastics and was practicing to become "the best acrobat ever"

My six babies with Chloe were toddlers, and although some were struggling, they were all still with us.

#18 Steven Fey looked just like me, including my bald little toddler head.
He was developing fine, and quite clever for his age.

Baby #19 Samantha was also a carbon copy of me, with my mother's curls.
She was also doing fine physically, although she had a stubborn streak and could often be found bossing around her siblings.

Baby #20 Meredith was the first werewolf baby of the bunch. She was a good mix of Chloe and I, with my hair and Chloe's blue eyes. She was a sweetheart, always full of smiles even through her many lung treatments. She'd already been through five surgeries, but she was a strong one.

Baby #21 Ky

*Picture coming soon*
Baby #22 Charlotte

Charlotte was our only little girl with Chloe's blue hair, something I loved about her.
Charlotte was diagnosed very early on with Failure to Thrive, a condition where she wouldn't eat. She went to therapy to work on this, and delays she had in speech and physical development. She worked hard each day and was improving in leaps and bounds. Chloe and I were ecstatic about her progress.

*Picture coming soon*
Baby #23 Kay

Kay was me through and through in looks and personality. Pureed steak was her favorite food to sink her little fangs into!

Kay was the smallest and most fragile of the babies. She was a tiny little thing, but she had a bright soul and a brave spirit. She was born with a hole in her heart and although she was having corrective surgeries, it was something that she struggled with daily. She seemed to know she wasn't a "normal" child and snuggled with all of us extra. The doctors were all expressing concern that her time was limited. She was just starting to stand and talk.

We'd also made a move, I thought it was in the best interest of the family.
You see one day I'd been flipping through the paper when an ad jumped out at me.

Hello there friend,

Are you feeling sick and out of place?
Sick of feeling bad that there's no one around like you?
Sick of those smiling neighbors telling you to enjoy the "sunset" in the "valley?"

Then come to Midnight Hallow where it's GOOD to be one of a kind! 

So I found us the perfect house online:

Only when we showed up, it looked more like this:

But it was fine...after all it had it's own special...charm.

Becks had also moved to Midnight Hallow, right across the street from yours truly.
Paige and Iris played daily, and Becks was a frequent visitor to our household. 
Sometimes I even allowed her to bring Neil over with her.

Chloe had moved to Starlight Shores, but visited frequently to check in on our babies.
She attended all their treatments and harassed all their doctors, making sure they received only the best medical care.

Claire, the nurse who'd helped Chloe through her pregnancy, stayed on living with us. She worked the medical equipment both Charlotte and Kay needed, and helped drive to therapy. 
She was a true blessing, and there was no way I could do it without her.


"Happy birthday dear daddy, happy birthday to you!" my kids finished singing, all clapping their hands and cheering.
"Make a wish dada!" Steven cheered, clapping his chubby little hands together.
"I can't think of anything else I'd want right now, just having my family is enough," I said.
Mia rolled her eyes, "In that case let's wish for some bacon ice cream."
"To bacon ice cream!" we all cheered.

I sat rocking Kay on my lap while my kids approached me with presents.
June had sent a gift from boarding school, and when I tore off the paper I was delighted to see a new tackle box. When she came home we could fish together like old times.

"Don't freak out," Mia told me as she approached me with an awkward smile.
"Ta da!" she said, bringing a dog into the sitting area.
"Mia," I groaned.
"Oh come on dad, it's a Yoshi dog, how can you not want that?" Iris said, petting the dog excitedly.
"It's great," I grumbled.
"Just think, you'll finally have someone who understands your shedding problems," Mia said cheerfully.
I just glared at her.

"I did not get you a dog," Chance said, and I gave him a thumbs up.
"Suck up," Mia muttered.
He handed me what looked like a magazine.
"It's a comic book, starring you. I wrote and illustrated it myself," he said proudly.
"Wow Chance, this is amazing!" I said proudly, choosing to ignore the title "Wolf Man"

Iris smiled as she handed me a rectangle box.
"Mama Becks helped me pick it out special for you," she told me happily.
I opened the box and rustled through the tissue paper.
I almost jumped out of my chair and dropped Kay.
"A Charizard shirt! No way, this is amazing!" I said, unable to hide my excitement.
She smiled and flung herself into my arms.
"I'm glad you like it!" she told me.
"I love it!"

"Mom helped the babies make their gift," Chance told me with a smile.
I looked at Ky sucking his thumb on the floor and Charlotte laying on her play mat and smiled.
"I'm sure it's wonderful," I told him.
Each of them had given me a set of their hand prints.
"These are great, I'll hang them where ever we have a room!" I said.

"Can we eat the cake now?" Mia asked.
I laughed and nodded.
"Yes, time for cake and ice cream!"
"Bacon ice cream!" Samantha cheered, running into the kitchen.
"Yes, bacon ice cream for everyone!"

~Iris's POV~

"Chance! Keep your stupid comic books on your side of the room!" I heard Mia scream from the floor below me.
I sighed at the noise, then remembered I had to monitor my breathing when holding moves.
I exhaled slowly.
"Well if you could keep your cat on your side," Chance replied, sounding annoyed.
I wrinkled my nose.
I could hear the toddlers all banging pots and pans in the kitchen.
Was it too much to ask for some peace and quiet?

I fell out of my pose disgracefully and scowled.
Banging on the floor I hollered, "Both of you shut up!"
"Can it pineapple!" Mia yelled back down at me.
"Iris, Maxxie is here!" Claire called from down the hall.
I perked up, finally someone to play with!

I raced into the entry way where Aiden and my dad were doing a "bro hug" or whatever.
I smiled at Maxxie and waved, and he halfheartedly waved back, looking bored.
"Happy birthday Logan!" Aiden said, clapping my dad on the back. "Have I got a great gift for you!"
My dad looked kind of scared. Aiden gave Maxxie a glance.
"Oh right, happy birthday Mr. Fey," Maxxie said, shuffling his feet and looking around.
My dad and Maxxie's dad went off into the kitchen, probably for some bacon ice cream.

Maxxie frowned, "Your house is weird," he said distastefully as he looked around.
I was aware that my house was weird, and did NOT look like the picture.
"Your face is weird," I told him, something I'd learned from Mia.
He didn't look offended, and we rolled our eyes at each other.
"Let's go do something," I said, anxious to finally have someone around, even if it had to be him.
"Fine, fine," he said, and he followed me.


"We had to go here?" he complained when we arrived at the park.
I rolled my eyes for the 30 billionth jillionth time.
"Did you want to listen to screaming toddlers?" I asked him sarcastically.
"Push me!" I cheered, running over the swingset.
"Why don't you push me?" he said, arms crossed over his chest.
"I will after, we can take turns."
He got behind me and started pushing me.

"My turn yet?" he asked after only a few seconds.
"No, like 3 minutes," I told him, and I heard him sigh behind me.
We talked briefly about our new houses, then the topic switched to school.
"You'll fit in fine, everyone is really weird," he told me matter of factly.
I shrugged, school was really only for art and gym class anyway.
Plus lunch of course.
"I''ll introduce you to some girls, I know TONS," he told me.
I scrunched my nose, "Tons?" I asked him.
"Yeah tons, what can I say, the ladies are pretty into my magic," he said, and I could picture the smug smirk on his face.

"PUHLEASE," I said loudly, jumping off the swing. "As if you know anything about girls."
"I know LOTS about girls," he said with a cheeky smile.
Then he had the nerve to wink at me.
"Yeah? Prove it!" I said.
Suddenly he was leaning toward me and closing his eyes.
I felt my cheeks heat up.
Oh my llamas, was he about to...kiss me?
I ran back to my house as fast as my feet could carry me.

~~~Logan's POV~~~

"Surprise!" everyone called out from their obvious hiding places at the restaurant.
I acted surprised for their benefit.
A small gathering of friends had showed up for my 24th birthday party.
Becks and Chloe of course, both who had planned the whole thing,
 (although I suspect Chloe had mostly sampled the food).
Aiden, who was now living in Midnight Hallows.
Ariel, a newer friend and an upcoming mom in my challenge.
Willow, a fellow werewolf and friend from high school.

I would be having a family party later, so it was just me and my friends.
It was nice to have some adult company for once, even if we would spend a majority of time talking about our kids.
"What is he doing here?" I asked Chloe in a whisper as Neil walked in through the door.
"I don't know, but I'm about to get my flirt on," Chloe said, and she downed her drink and tossed her hair.
I rolled my eyes.
"Logan, happy birthday!" Neil said in an awkward cheerful manner, while I just stared at him.
"I got you something..." he said awkwardly, and he handed me a tidily wrapped box.
"Thanks," I said stiffly, ignoring Becks glaring at me.

Luckily, for the first time ever, I was saved by Chloe.
"So Neil, you come here often?" she said, batting her eyelashes.
I coughed to disguise my laughter.
"Uh..." he stuttered, while blushing.
I left them there to hang out with the guys.
By guys I meant Aiden of course.

"So, I did get you a little something something," Aiden said as I approached him.
"Please tell me it's not something that was once dead," I begged.
"Nope! Much better!" he said, and handed me a small booklet.
"Wow, spa coupons for waxing..." I said, a bit unsure how to act.
"I figured you could use them," he said laughing.
I laughed with him, "Thanks."

"I'm glad you were able to make it...with....everything," I said awkwardly.
Aiden had just been through a rough break up, and was pretty depressed.
He just nodded in response.
"Well if you need anything, I'm here for you. Unless it's food or money, then you're on your own," I told him.
We both laughed and I paid for our next round of drinks.

~Iris POV~

As I approached the house I heard screaming.
"AIDEN!" I heard Mama Becks yell.
"AIDEN!" I heard an unfamiliar voice yell.
"I SAID SORRY!" Aiden yelled.
When I reached the dining room I stopped short.
Mama Becks and Aiden were there, along with Claire.
But there was also some strange lady.
She had light blond hair and glowing green eyes and she was dressed in guys clothes.

"Iris!" the strange woman yelped when she saw me.
"How do you know-" I was cut off by Aiden.
"I promise I will change you back!" he said, hitting his wand before waving it around.
"No, no, I think that's enough magic for today," Mama Becks said.
What was going on?
"Aiden this is bad! What are my kids going to think?! I already did AI with my next challenge mom!" the woman shouted.
"Challenge mom?" I asked, and stumbled forward when Maxxie came running into me.

"Man you run fast," he said breathlessly.
He looked up at the strange woman and a look of confusion came over his face.
"Mr. Fey?" he questioned.
Everyones eyes grew wide, and my dad's friend Aiden looked really guilty.
"Dad?" I asked him, and the strange woman smiled weakly.
I ran from the room screaming.

~Logan's POV~

"Would you hold still while I do your hair?!" Chloe said, brushing out tangles of my now long hair.
She was snickering as she brushed, and I knew for a fact she was enjoying this way too much.
"Ok, I found something that will fit you!" Becks announced, coming into the master bedroom.
"That's a dress," I said.

"Good to know your vision still works," Chloe said shoving me, "Go put it on."
"You couldn't find anything that wasn't pink?" I growled.
Becks shrugged and Chloe rubbed her hands together gleefully.

"There is an uncomfortable breeze between my thighs," I stated, struggling to walk in this dress thing.
Chloe took one look at me and burst out laughing, where as Becks looked away.
I have such supportive friends.

"Awe, you look so pretty!" Chloe cooed, walking over to straighten out my dress.
I batted her hands away.
"How am I supposed to walk in these?" I muttered, stumbling over to them in my new heels.
"My flats would've been stretched out by you squeezing into them," Becks explained with a shrug.

"How am I going to continue my challenge?!" I shrieked, cringing when I realized how high I could scream now.
"Well I know this one guy..." Chloe began.
"Oh come on, he's good looking and-"
"You already have your next child on the way, I'm sure we can figure something out for after that," Becks said calmly. I rubbed my temples, always the voice of reason.
"Maybe Neil knows something that-"


"No! I potty standing up like Steven!" Samantha screamed at me, pounding her little fists into my chest.

"Samantha, girls go potty sitting down," I explained gently, frowning when she burst into tears.

"But I just wanna pee pee standing up!" she sobbed, looking over at Claire helping Steven.

"Don't you want to be a big girl and go potty like mommy?" I asked her, trying my best to make peeing in a toilet sound like the most desirable thing you could ever do in life.

"Momma stand up?" she asked me, and I shook my head.

"No, momma sits down," I told her gently.

"Then no, no momma. Sam Sam like dadda," she said, sticking her lip out.

I contemplated how much strength and energy it would take me to wrestle her onto that toilet seat.

"DAD!" Chance shouted, rushing into the bathroom.

"Dad is busy Chance," I said, nudging Samantha back toward the seat slowly.

"It's an emergency dad!" he shouted frantically, waving a piece of paper in the air.

"Uh huh," I muttered, wrestling Samantha's pull up down as she began to shriek and try to claw my face.

"Mia is gone!" he said, and I hissed in pain as Samantha stroked those little claws across my cheek as she screamed "PEE PEE STANDING UP!" over and over.

"She's with Jeanie working on a thing," I said, trying to remember exactly what she said before she'd left.

"No dad, Mia's gone, gone. She's not coming back," Chance said softly, and he held out the paper toward me.

I scanned it quickly.

"Call the police," I said, and ran frantically down several flights of stairs to her room in the basement.

She was gone.



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~Ch. 17 Perfect Little Miracles~

~Chapter 17~
~Perfect Little Miracles~

~Becks POV~

Chloe was lying on the masterbedroom bed, Logan's bed, in her underwear.
I heard the sound of a door opening and Logan walked in, waking Chloe.

Logan and Chloe looked at each other and then at me, and then back at each other.
I got myself ready to flee, but before I could, Chloe screamed.
Logan looked at over at me, and then away, awkwardly running a hand through his hair.
"Well you're the one wearing your underwear, and it's my house-" Chloe cut Logan off mid sentence,
"It's your sister's house and I bet she would think her little brother walking around in his boxers," but then Logan cut her off again. "The point is-"
"Both of you shut up," I told them, rolling my eyes. Suddenly I heard the weird noise June had talked about, coming from Chloe.
It was a half groan half whine type of sound.
"My stomach," she whimpered, massaging little circles on her stomach while Logan rolled his eyes.
"She has been doing this ever since we came back from the clinic!" he complained loudly.
"HEY MISTER IT IS WORK BEING PREGNANT!" Chloe screamed back at him.


"You are only four hours pregnant Chloe." Logan told her, seeming irritated.
"This is the worst pregnancy I have EVER had." Chloe whined.
Logan rolled his eyes and muttered something that sounded like, drama queen.
"Becks! You've been pregnant before! Back me up here!"
 I chewed my lip. Four hours pregnant. Chloe could be a bit times...
But she was my best friend.
"Come on, I'll take you to the clinic." I told her.
"Thank you! It's nice to have such a THOUGHTFUL friend." she cheered.
Logan rolled his eyes again.
"While we're gone, put a shirt on, nobody wants to look at that," she said to Logan, gesturing at his chest hair.
If looks could kill...

~Logan's POV~

After June and I had finished our dinner my cellphone went berserk.
It started vibrating, shaking, and blasting some chipmunk song.
Mia...I thought.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Why is your ring back tone the Nyan Cat song?" I heard Chloe's voice on the other line.
I heard a shuffling in the background
"Chloe, this is serious! Tell him!" I heard Becks in the background.
"Tell me what?" I asked.
I heard some more shuffling in the background.
"This is important," I heard Becks voice again.
"CLEARLY! I am suffering!"
"Just let me tell him!"
"No, my womb, my phone call!"
"Give me the phone,"
I heard more shuffling.
"Did you just bite me?!"
"Is there something you want to tell me or not?" I asked, slightly irritated.

Chloe came back on the line.
"Well, it's still early in my pregnancy, but we appear to be having more than one baby," Chloe told me.
I grinned. "That's great!" I said, thinking of how much I loved all my twins, "So then how are the twins?" I asked her.
"It's not twins," Chloe told me.
I was overjoyed. This would be my first set of triplets in my challenge, and I couldn't wait.
I had seen many other triplets in other challenges, and I couldn't wait to have my own.
"My first set of triplets! This is amazing Chloe!" I told her, laughing in happiness.
"Yeah...there's more than three..." she told me with an awkward chuckle.
"Well sheesh, how many are we having, like six or something?" I laughed.
An awkward silence came over the phone.
"Yup, six," she said.
I paused. Six. Six diapers. Six mouths to feed. Six crying mouths.
"Logan? Logan!" Becks voice came over the phone.
Then everything went black.

Chance, Mia, and Iris came over to celebrate Father's day with me.
"Daddy!" Mia threw herself into my arms, Willard and all.
I grunted as Willard's claws sank into my skin.
"Da da da da," I swung a cooing Iris in the air and ruffled Chase's hat and hair.
"Why don't you guys go play until Aunt Chloe and Becks come back?" I suggested, and they were soon off while I went to check my emails.

Thirty minutes later Mia came through the office door and engulfed me in a hug.
"Daddy, you and mommy will always love me right?" Mia asked me.
"Of course we will sweetie."
"Promise?" She asked me slowly. I glanced over at her suspiciously.
"Oh look, Chloe and Becks are back," I said. Noting their return from the clinic.
I heard Chloe squeal and Becks scream.
I looked at Mia who was conveniently looking elsewhere.

I ran toward the door, noticing a glitter covered Willard dart by me.
"I love it!" Chloe screeched loudly.
Becks stood staring. "My car."
"It's so sparkly!" Chloe cheered, rushing over to her car.
"My's bedazzled and is that...glitter glue..." Becks stood frozen in place.
"Mia is a true artistic genius!" Chloe squeaked, pointing to a glittery picture of Willard on her car door.
"I don't think my warranty covers this," Becks said softly. I put my hand on her shoulder. Well, I guess there was no better time for father's day presents


 I wrestled the glittery wrapping paper off the gift.
"I even wrapped it myself!" said Mia proudly.
I gritted my teeth and clawed at the paper "Yes I can see's so...strong, I mean pretty."
Mia beamed at me.

After wrestling the package to the ground and ripping it apart with my claws I pulled out a ceramic plate.
"Awe, Mia it's so beautiful, thank you sweet heart!" I told her, giving her a huge hug.
"Do you LOVE it?!" Mia asked, practically screaming the word love.
"Yes I love it, it's such a pretty plate," I told her, and I saw Chance making frantic motions and mouthing a word behind me.
"Bowl, I mean bowl." I corrected myself quickly, causing Mia to beam.
"WILLARD HELPED SEE!?!" Mia screeched, pointing to a paw print on the side of the "bowl".
"Oh, I see, thank you Willard." I said, smiling at Mia's fat fluffy blue cat.
"You got Willard a gift too right dad? Cause he is a father now!" Mia exclaimed.
"Of course I-WAIT WHAT?!"

-Mia's POV-

I rummaged around the organic food in the fridge. Stupid pregnant people needing stupid organic vegetables.
"Steak...steak...steak..." I muttered, accidentally letting a head of lettuce roll onto the floor.
Well, no salad tonight.
"Where are you steak?" I asked myself, and the steak.
Dad better not have eaten it all.
My ears filtered through all the sounds outside and settled on footsteps approaching the front door.
"I GOT IT!" I yelled, five seconds before the doorbell rang.
I swung open the front door and barred my fangs.
Nothing wrong with having fun with the Jehovah's witnesses...

A lady with strawberry blond hair was at the door, and she wasn't scared.
Her clear blue eyes were glowing, just like mine. A fellow werewolf!
Maybe she had steak!!!!!

"Mia, who is at the door? I thought I told you to quit messing around with the poor-" my dad's voice came from behind me.
"Oh, you must be the nurse," my dad said to the lady at the door.
Nurse? So she had no steak...
"You're not bringing any more organic food are you?" I asked with a sigh. My dad glared at me.
"Yes, I'm the nurse. My name is Claire Candlemass and I'll be helping your wife along with her pregnancy," the lady, Claire, said. "I don't have any food with me," she told me. I sighed, defeated.
Well this was boring.
"Wait, you're staying here?" I asked her, raising an eyebrow.
"Yes, I will be staying and helping," she explained.

"I AM NOT HIS WIFE!" Aunt Chloe screamed from the next room.
"Psh, you wish you could have this," my dad muttered.
"What was that?" Aunt Chloe yelled, coming closer.
"HE SAID YOU WISH YOU-" My dad cut off my yelling with a hand over my mouth.
Oh right, inside voices.
"Mia, why don't you go play outside," my dad suggested, looking tense. I heard Aunt Chloe say a bad word.
"It's snowing out here actually, why don't we all go in and I'll get set up?" Claire suggested.

My dad lifted me and stepped aside, allowing her into the crazy house with us as they began to converse about babies and whatever.

~Logan's POV~

After father's day had passed the kids all returned home to where Blake was watching them.
Chloe, Claire, June, and myself were still staying at the cabin. June was being home schooled while we waited for word on whether she could be accepted into a boarding school for teenagers who were on the Autism Spectrum.

Naturally, as the pregnancy moved forward, Chloe became more and more irritable, and I mean more than usual.
"LOGAN?!?!?! Why does my sandwich not have marshmallow fluff?!!?" Chloe screamed across the house. I winced and rolled my eyes.
"Because it is tuna fish! You are not invalid, if you want marshmallow fluff on your sandwich, add some!" I snapped back at her. Crazy hormonal...

"It's not a sandwich without fluff! How dare you ruin it! MURDER. SANDWICH MURDERER!" she said, approaching me and getting all up in my face.
Deep breathes, do not hit Chloe. She is your friend. She is pregnant. Do not cause her bodily harm.
"Just put some on it," I said firmly, trying not to transform and rip her to shreds.
"I can' murdered my sandwich," she said quietly. 

She promptly burst into tears.
"IT WAS INNOCENT!" she screamed.
"Ok, ok, don't cry," I said, trying to sound reassuring. She began crying harder. 
"I'll make you another sandwich, with everything you want!" I pleaded with her, hoping the June would not pick up on Chloe's stress waves. She gave me a teary nod and embraced me, nearly crushing me.
Sheesh she was strong for a heavily pregnant nut case.


~At the hospital~

"We'll get through this, you've got this," I told Chloe as she did her breathing excercises for labor.
"They are coming too soon," she complained.
"We knew this might happen, you're ready, you can do this," I said supportively.
As much as I liked to narc on Chloe, I had to admit, she was a strong person. She'd gone through multiple pregnancies, and the loss of a child to cancer. I fully believed she could deliver our babies.
"They are too little," she said softly.
"The doctor said they were surprisingly big and healthy looking," I answered

"Well they are all in my uterus, and my uterus can only hold so many kids," she grumbled.
I restrained myself from rolling my eyes, I really did not want to have a conversation about her uterus.
"We are all here for you," I said. 
It was true, my family was in the lobby, along with Becks, Neil, and her three kids. June and Natalie were there. Blake, Lucy, and Serie also waited. Chloe's kids were there, eagerly awaiting news on their mom. I could have sworn I'd even heard the familiar yowl of Willard.

Claire walked in, ready to assist with the labor, and Chloe got into position to push.
"They better not look like you," she screamed out during the pushing. Even during labor she was still the same old Chloe. 

As the labor progressed the babies were born, all six of them. Two were healthy enough from birth for me to hold, while the rest were whisked away quickly to the NICU.

"Hello Steven," I cooed to the eldest of them. He was born fairly small, but healthy and happy. I stared at his crumpled face in amazement.

Baby #19 Samantha also came into the world healthy, screaming her little head off.
She had her mother's personality no doubt.

"You did good Chloe, Claire is in the waiting room with our families now," I told her, leaning little Steven over so she could see him.
"All six came out all right?" She asked with a hazy smile, I nodded and we both smiled at each other.
"Four little girls, and two little boys. Two of them we can take home right away, the rest may need a few months," I told her. She nodded happily and smiled at Steven.

All six of them were miracles, perfect little miracles.


Baby #18 Steven Fey. He had my little wisps of blond hair and was both the oldest and biggest of the babies.

Baby #19 Samantha Fey, also born healthy, she was the eldest of the girls. She also shared my hair color, light blond wisps sprouting out of her big head. She was a screamer.

Baby #20, another girl, and the first to have her mother's hair color. She was in the NICU with under developed lungs, but a treatment plan was being developed for her. It looked like she would need surgery, but not until she was older. 

Baby #21 was Ky, the second and last boy of the bunch. Although you can't really tell from the picture, Ky had his mother's hair, making him our blue haired baby boy. Ky went to the NICU to undergo several CT scans to check on the functioning of his brain. Otherwise he was in physically good condition.

Baby #22 Charlotte got her name special from her mother. She was our other blue haired baby girl. She was the second smallest and showing many signs of prematurity. She was in the NICU on oxygen but was fully aware of her surroundings and expected to make a full recovery.

Baby #23 was the smallest and most delicate. Little Kay was my precious diamond in the rough. She was born with multiple holes in her heart, which would require surgery during the next few weeks. The doctors told us they would be proceeding with caution, but we remained optimistic for our little gem.

Only time would tell how all six of them would do.


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Monday, May 20, 2013

~Ch. 16 Lighteningbug~

Chapter 16
Lightening Bug

AN: So I was drugged on Bendryl and up at 4 am with my sick cat when I wrote this.
I hope you enjoy it, despite any potential flaws it may have.
Also, a bit off topic, but does anyone know a good chocolate chip muffin recipe?
I want muffins.

~Blake's POV~

My dad had left for a cabin in the mountains with my "aunt" Chloe.
More babies. Iris was still a baby herself.
Not only had he taken June with him, but he'd left Iris here.
With me.
Ugh, whatever.

My phone dinged, indicating a text.
It was Lucy.

Hey u on ur way yet?

I smiled.
Lucy was in Sunlit Tides now, and we were going to go see the new community garden.
I tapped my foot, waiting for Mia to respond to me calling her.
She was ignoring me.

"Mia!" I shouted at her again.
I think I saw her rolling her eyes at me.
"MIA!" I yelled, causing Iris to start to cry. I shifted her in my arms.

Mia was outside pushing around a baby stroller.
Inside the stroller was Willard, strapped in tightly with a bonnet tied on his head.
"Come on Willard! Let's go faster!" she shouted, beginning to run with the stroller and make race car noises.
"WILLARD!" Mia shouted as the stroller tipped.
A loud meow came from underneath the tipped stroller. 
"Willard! I knew you'd come through for me Willard!" Mia squealed, pulling him from the "wreckage"
"Silly Willard, you forgot your bonnet," Mia said, and Willard squirmed to get away.
I sighed and rolled my eyes.

My phone indicated I had another text from Lucy

Am I at the rite place? where r u?

I fumed at Mia.

"Chance?" I called, carrying a screaming Iris with me as I searched the house.
I found him in the bath.
"Chance!" I shouted relieved.
"Dude! I'm kinda busy!" Chance said, shrinking down into the water.
"Hey listen, I need you to watch Iris-"
"I'm not available right now!" he told me in a duh tone.
"Don't bring a girl in here!" Chance said when he saw Iris.
"She's barely one, get over yourself," I told him.
"Um, you're the responsible babysitter here, you get over yourself," Chance retorted.
He's been hanging around Mia way too much.

"Listen-" I started, but I was cut off.
"What is it you wanted?" Mia huffed from the doorway.
"All I want is to take a bath!" Chance shouted, submerging himself fully underwater.
I ushered Mia into the hallway.
My phone dinged again.

"What's that smell?" Mia asked, her nose scrunched. 
I rolled my eyes, probably another werewolf thing, but then I smelled it too.
"Listen, I need you to watch Iris," I explained to her.
"Um, yeah, no way," she told me, hands on her hips.
"Mia, you just need to watch her. If she's hungry give her a bottle, if she smells-"
"I am not changing that," she said, glaring at me.

"Mia, it's a pull up, pull this one off and then the other on," I sighed at her.
"If it's so easy why don't you do it?" she asked me.
"Mia, you will watch her," I told her sternly.
"That sounds like effort, which means it's not gonna happen," she told me, turning to walk away.
"Come on Mia, I'll do anything!" I begged her.
She slowly turned toward me, a smirk slowly forming.

Meanwhile in the mountains in Sunlit Tides...
~June's POV~

"Stupid snow, stupid mountains," I muttered to myself.
The smooth stone made my skin tingle, but the cold upset my hand.
"Stupid winter. Stupid Cabin," I growled.
Dad and Aunt Chloe were going to have babies for dad's challenge.
For some reason we had to come to the mountains to do this. To a cabin.
This was my first time seeing snow, and I didn't like it.
It was cold and it made my skin itchy and prickly. Then when it landed on your it was water and hundreds of sensations raced through me as it melted and dripped down my skin.
I held the rock to the side and prepared to flick my wrist.
Just like Blake had taught me.
I released the stone, it skipped once.
"Stupid stone."

I smiled remembering when Blake took me to Appaloosa Plains for a visit, and we went to the lake.
It was too cold for swimming there, so he taught me to skip rocks.
He could do 6 skips!
He also gave me lots of marshmallows.
Marshmallows are the best.
I love marshmallows.
I'm gonna go get some!

Heading back inside I remembered meeting my new cousins.
My aunt Amanda had her babies after my grandpa's funeral.
Grandpa wasn't there during my visit.
Because he's dead.
Dead means your gone forever.
I hope I'm never dead.

I usually didn't like babies, the noise was too much and they made my ears hurt.
Aunt Amanda's triplets were OK though. They were also nice and gentle.
I even carried the youngest one to bed.
She had two boys and one girl.
That's a lot of babies at one time. I asked her if it hurt and Blake didn't tell me I wasn't allowed to ask that, Adele would've told me not to ask that.
She said it hurt a lot but it was worth it.
Maybe I will maybe have kids. Maybe.

It was a fun trip, I liked petting the horse.
Horses are real.
The horse bit Blake and I started screaming, and then the horse ran.
Nobody got mad at me though.
Cause horses can be scary.
I'm not having horses ever.
Just lots of cats.

I saw Aunt Chloe's car pulling up and started racing toward her.
"AUNT CHLOE!" I screeched.
"June, remember, no screaming at people," My dad said gently.
I like Aunt Chloe cause she doesn't try to hug me.
Instead she pulled out a gift wrapped in pretty paper.
"Hey Junebug! I got you something!" she cheered when I approached her.
My eyes widened, the gift was so pretty.
"You can open it now," she said, answering my unasked question.
I eagerly tore off the paper.

Aunt Chloe gave my dad a hug, although it kinda looked like they were trying to choke each other.
Maybe a little bit of both. Dad and Aunt Chloe were weird like that.
Aunt Chloe launched into discussion with my dad about him building her a house. He rolled his eyes at her and repeated something about perfection and she nagged.
Man this is boring.
I decided to go inside and be a marshmallow astronaut.

 I bounced around my room, well my room at the cabin, pretending to walk on the moon.
Neil Alden Armstrong walked on the moon once.
He would make jokes after with people about the moon, and his punchline was always "I guess you had to be there."
I think I would've liked Neil Armstrong.
Maybe if I have babies I will name one Neil.
Or a cat. A cat named Neil.
Then Neil and I can go to the moon, except Neil can't because cats going to the moon is just pretend.

I started singing a song from one of the musicals I loved, Wicked.

It's time to try...
  Defying gravity...
  I think I'll try...
  Defying gravity...
  And you can't pull me down!

It was a good song to go with being in outer space, since outer space has no gravity.
I think it would bee cool to be on the moon without gravity.
Then maybe my body wouldn't always feel pressure
and things wouldn't feel like pins and needles.
Maybe I could let people give me hugs too.
I shut my eyes and imagined being on the moon.
"Hey Junebug, here's your marshmallows," my dad said from the doorway, holding out a bowl.
I eagerly snatched the bowl from his hands and sat down on the floor, eating them one by one.
Cause that's how you're supposed to eat marshmallows.

After I ate my marshmallows I decided to play with my marshmallow bear.
I couldn't decide whether to name him Marshmallow, S'mores, or Fluffy.
So I named him Fluffy Marshmallow S'mores.
 S'mores was going to be in my dads challenge soon. He told me.
I don't know what that means.
I heard the tv on and heard Ellen was on.
I loved Ellen, she was funny and she made people laugh and she made weird noises sometimes.
Just like me. I followed the sound of the tv to the biggest bedroom, where Aunt Chloe was relaxing on the bed.

"Heya Junebug," Aunt Chloe greeted me, patting the spot next to her. I hopped up next to her and sat like a pretzel.
"Hi Aunt Chloe," I responded, remembering manners. I only remembered them when I wanted to.
"Wanna boss your dad around with me?" she asked me smiling.
I could feel my face light up "YES!" I shouted, and she didn't correct me to use indoor voices.
Instead she just laughed.
"LOGAN!" She shouted, and I guessed my dad was in the other room, "I NEED YOU TO MAKE ME THREE SANDWICHES INSTEAD OF TWO!" she hollered.
I wondered if anybody ever told Aunt Chloe to use an indoor voice.
A mumbled response came from the direction of the kitchen. It was my dad saying stuff about "drowning in estrogen".
"What do you want on your sandwich?" she asked me, leaning back into her pillow.
"MARSHMALLOW FLUFF!" I told her, rocking excitedly on the bed, viewing Ellen out of the corner of my eye.
I don't like to look straight at the tv.

"Really Chloe? You aren't even pregnant yet! This is gross! You can't just order me around, I have important stuff to do!" my dad exclaimed, walking through the door with plates of sandwichs. I greedily snatched mine and didn't say thank you, since Aunt Chloe didn't either.
"Important? Playing Fruit Ninja is not important!" she scoffed at him.
"Oh because your need to play Angry Birds is SO much more important," he replied.
"Angry Birds is an intellectual game that stimulates the mind, for your information,"
"Fruit Ninja calms the nerves, which a certain SOMEBODY is getting on."
"Well maybe if I wasn't so HUNGRY I wouldn't be getting on somebody's-"
I finished my sandwich and went off to do my own thing since they were being to loud.
I had places to be.
Except for not really.

That night I became a teenager.
I still had to wear glasses. But it was OK since I got to wear makeup.
I still loved how it felt on my face. Maybe I could sleep with it on.
I looked like my mom and my dad I think.
Baby #14, June. That's me. 

~Back in Sunlit Tides~
~Blake's POV~

I held up a hand in greeting to Lucy who smiled and waved at me.
"Hey you," She said approaching me.
"Hey, sorry I'm late," I apologized.
"It's fine, it's good to see you again," She said.
"Yeah, so you ready to explore the garden?" I asked her.
"Yes!" she said, grabbing my hand and tugging me toward the entrance.

At the entrance she stopped and stroked a petal on a sunflower.
"It's so pretty," she sighed happily.
"Yeah, sunflowers, flowers of happiness," I told her, not actually knowing if they were the flowers of happiness. But hey, sunflowers seemed happy so it was legit.
"Actually sunflowers symbolize spiritualism turning toward the life of truth," Lucy told me with a smile.
"Um, uh, I...that's what I meant," I stammered.
She just laughed at me.

We entered the garden together, playfully nudging each other and joking around.
"Oh look at those tulips over there," I said, pointing at some light pink flowers.
"Those are Lillies," she giggled.
"Right, it's hard to tell from so far away," I said, running a hand through my hair.
Way to look like an idiot Fey, I thought.
"Lillies are the flower of truth. The Greeks considered white ones flowers of the pure."
"There's a Greek restaurant nearby, we could go there after this?" I asked her.
She giggled and nodded "Sure, I'd like that."
The laughter was evident in her sparkling blue eyes.
Well, I guess I could appear like an idiot as long as it made her laugh.

We wandered through the rose garden out back, Lucy gesturing toward the different rose colors.
I had no idea that flowers had so many meanings, and it was mind blowing that she seemed to know them all.
"Which are your favorite?" I said as she continued about the rare black roses.
"My favorite flower?" she asked me, finger tapping her chin.
"No, your favorite color rose," I said, figuring I couldn't memorize to many flowers in one day.
"White," She told me, not hesitating to think about the answer.
"White," I repeated, racking my brain for what she had said earlier.

I plucked a white rosebud off of the rose vine (they wouldn't miss just one) and tucked it into her hair.
I grabbed her hands and gently held them in mine.
"White, I am worthy of you," I said, repeating what she had told me earlier.
She flushed a pink similar to those tulips, er lillies, from earlier.
A smile spread across her face. "That's right. White. I am worthy," she told me.
I bit my lip nervously, her stare making me flustered.
"Come on, I'll show you the florist shop!" she said excitedly, dragging me toward a pastel pink building.
I smiled at her still flushed cheeks.


Beck's POV

"There you go!" I cooed at Iris when I handed her a bowl of rice cereal.
Mia had just dropped her off, exclaiming something about meat and a barbeque as she ran off, dragging Willard behind her.
It's probably better that she brought Iris over here.
"Is it yummy?" I asked Iris with a smile. Her dark green eyes sparkled and she grinned.

Then with a squeal of delight, she pushed the bowl off her high chair and sent it crashing to the floor.
Hm. Well...that went well.
Maybe she didn't like rice cereal, Logan probably had his kids on some sort of steak diet.
I laughed aloud at the idea of Logan grilling multiple steaks and cutting them up for all his kids.
"You Missy, are a mess!" I told the laughing toddler playfully.

"Let's get you cleaned up!" I told her, and I set her in the nearby baby swing to wipe down the high chair.
Luckily she had managed to get the food everywhere but herself.
I looked at the floor, and made a note to remember to mop later.
I settled her back into the chair, snapping the tray in.
"Now, let's try this again."

I gave Iris a bottle and she shierked, waving it around.
I ducked, but luckily she wasn't throwing it on the ground.
She giggled at me and smiled, greedily working on finishing the bottle.
I laughed at her, what a cutie.
Suddenly I heard the Adventure Time theme song and began to hum along, I realized it was my phone, but I let it ring a bit longer.
I wanted to listen to my jam!
"Hello," I answered cheerfully.
"I'll be right there," I told her, and I left Iris with Dai and drove up into the mountains to the cabin where Logan was staying.

I glanced at myself in the mirror as I walked toward the master bedroom.
June had sounded frantic over the phone, but I didn't hear anything.
Most people probably wouldn't view June as a reliable source, but if she heard strange sounds I had to check it out. Of course I let my hair down and changed clothes, but I had sped the whole way to the cabin.
Logan and Chloe could've killed each other by now for all anyone knew.
After reassuring June that I would take care of it and sending her to the kitchen with marshmallows I swung open the master bedroom door.



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